It's pretty stupid that some people think Obamacare will be free or increase access to healthcare considering everyone will be taxed/charges an additional $3k-$5k per year to fund it, will be forced to buy even more expensive health insurance than today, and still have to pay for services on top of that. That's not free, nor affordable, amirite?

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Well it's working for us in the UK. Stop being stupid about it and sort out your healthcare.
"The "surprising" findings show the NHS saving more lives for each pound spent as a proportion of national wealth than any other country apart from Ireland over 25 years. Among the 17 countries considered, the United States healthcare system was among the least efficient and effective."

Obama would like to have single-payer system too. Go campaign for it. It won't happen unless people are aware of the possibility, and the benefits of it.
My impression was that Obama is probably just using Obamacare to warm people up to the idea of universal healthcare.

No, the reason that "affordable health care" will not be affordable is, from my understanding, that there are four different insurance plans, and only a select few will be able to afford the best one, while most people will end up getting the lower quality insurance plans that are ineffective at making health care affordable. What we need is single-payer health care.

You must really hate Obama, amirite?

All I know is that right now we pay more than most countries for substandard results. I'm glad someone is trying to do something, but will it be better? Time will tell.

Keep the govt out of your health care. Many Americans don't realize that your medical bills are so expensive because your govt is already much too involved in it. They regulate insurance(driving up costs).

Take it from a Canadian. The whole "preventative healthcare" shit is, just shit. My BFs mom is a nurse and she says old people stay over night every night just because they're lonely (which is expensive as hell). There's nothing ever wrong with them. This is what happens when its "free".

There's also the fact that we've run out of money to pay for it and the govt is now limiting the number of people can enter/graduate med school because they don't wanna pay em. Result=MASSIVE Doc shortages, and long wait times. My brother was in the ER for 7 hours for a broken arm. That's considered a quick wait here. If doctors were allowed to charge people, then the govt wouldn't have to pay them = MORE DOCTORS, but they put them in jail for privatizing.

Some of you choose to vote while ignoring reality, or choose not to get informed. People died for your freedoms and its selfish to throw it away for money. I love America (but Canada more:p) and don't want to see it gone.

The way it works is it becomes more affordable for everyone. The wealthy may have to pay some extra money, but the poor will finally be able to have the healthcare they both need and deserve.

@yay_im_wrong The way it works is it becomes more affordable for everyone. The wealthy may have to pay some extra money, but...

My family is just a middle class family, yet my mom already gets around $30,000 PER YEAR taken out of her paycheck. An extra few thousand is ridiculous! Yes, we have enough money to survive but my dad has been hospitalized a few times in last several years & the money that has been taken away (even just $3,000-$5,000) would be VERY helpful to have to pay off those bills & others as well. A "little extra money" goes a dang long way.

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@My family is just a middle class family, yet my mom already gets around $30,000 PER YEAR taken out of her paycheck...

If you're truly middle class you wouldn't have your taxes raised. The taxes are raised on those making above $250000. This means if you're making $300000 you are taxed 3% on the $50000 above 250000. So your taxes are raised $1500. You are not middle class if you are making $300000. You are the 1%. Also, medical bills are tax deductible.

I see what you are saying but individual healthcare coverage for me is at the cheapest is $300, and decent coverage is about $400- so it's about the same, if not cheaper for most.

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