In the future, when we've done everything else we've wanted to invent, every person should be allowed to genetically engineer themselves a pet that can be a hybrid of animals to train to do cool things and look awesome. There could be animals bred for speed, strength, or other aspects. May the most epic animal hybrid win, Amirite?

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This would be cool, but costly.

@MusicIsAGift This would be cool, but costly.

its assumed that this would be applied in a future where the technology for this would be refined, cheapened, and perfected, and if we really have nothing else to do

It would have to go through several stages of approval, which takes up a lot of manpower.

Is it weird that this reminded me of Pokemon?

@wilmanamefit Is it weird that this reminded me of Pokemon?

this post probably stems subconsciously from my deeply rooted childhood love of pokemon

dino sharktipus

Pterodacta-Falcon DOwlphin

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