A poem is always better if rhymed. It connects the meaning more closely to the mind. It's deeper- it sharpens the words; makes them bright. It gives it more rhythm and tone, Amirite?

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I do prefer my poems to rhyme
However, once in a while, there comes a time
When other variables come into play
That make not rhyming seem okay

I had to disagree because the way i see it, rhyme serves a particular purpose in a poem, but doesn't make it "better" because there are types of poems where rhyme is inappropriate. There are those that live under the impression that rhyme is what makes a poem a poem - but this is a grand fallacy. Rhyme is no more important a literary device than meter or imagery. They all work together to make the poem. Many of the best poems I have read do not follow a particular rhyme scheme, because the absence of rhyme has its own reasoning and meaning.

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The little bits of shit represent life's obstacles, and how they always mix in with the joy that is life. Rather than being two separate entities, they are a package deal.

It conveys the message that without life's hardships, there can be no full enjoyment of life's benefits. The narrator of the poem has come to terms with this to such a degree that he is grateful to the shit for being there to make him realize how much there is that he could let it ruin for him, but for that very reason gets past it, and enjoys the tits nonetheless.

Thank you, I would have gotten none of this had that not rhymed

I upvoted because "rhymed" and "mind" kind of rhyme

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@Watchful_questioneer yeah, the whole post was a poem. they do rhyme

Touche, for some reason, I didn't think "amirite?" was part of the poem. This is brilliant.

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Damn...now i'll have to change my name into "life obstacles"

It depends on the poem and the poet, I think.

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