The Breakfast Club has a great message. High school sucks for everyone, regardless of social group, amirite?

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Yes, but I'm sure within those types of suckiness there are still varying degrees of it. Some people do have it worse than others. For example, a girl with wierd teeth in high school who had no friends and was bullied constantly for her appearance would live a much suckier existance than a girl who was in the middle of the social pyramid and only felt slight pressure to be popular.

Regardless, it does suck. But it can suck with drastically different shades of intensity.

in no way
sucks for everyone

some people have a grand time in high school

for some
it's some of their best days in life

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I went to a nerdy high school
so the majority were nerdy
and I fit in

but then I moved my senior year
and went to a regular high school

I hung out with the foreign kids
One was from a country in Europe
and the other was from Japan I think or Korea

good times

Yes, but is it necessarily the same degree of suckiness?

@mashmallow515 Yes, but is it necessarily the same degree of suckiness?

It's not that it's better or worse, it's just different for everyone. Whether you don't have friends, or you have friends that pressure you. Whether you're pushed to your limit by your parents, or you're ignored at home. We're all having a tough time.

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true but i saw it as in when it boils down to being with out your group, its easier to get to know people for what they/ who they really are and realise that we can all get along... group or no group...so dont judge a book by its cover, a person for their group....etc.

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