If you're attracted to men, your favourite body type is tall, quite slim but with broad shoulders, amirite?

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Lean muscle is so much more attractive than bulk to me. I tend to prefer soccer players and swimmers over football players or men of that look.

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I like them tall, with slightly larger chest, slim waist, curvy hips, long legs, and no penis.

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He doesn't have to be tall, but at least taller than me or the same height.

Call me self-conscious, but I can't stand the thought of being with a guy skinnier than me. He shouldn't be fat (I'm not in shape but I wouldn't call myself fat), but I'm not expecting some ripped guy with a 6-pack.

I'm just not a fan of broad shoulders.

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I like em short.

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My boyfriend is of similar body type. I love it.

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Same here. _ He's comfortable.

Swimmers and baseball players tend to have the best body types, IMO.