If you took every thought of hate and spite and malignancy in the world today, and compared it to every thought of love and bliss and benevolence in the world today, it would probably be more in favor of the former, Amirite?

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That was the most reasonable and least violent internet argument I've ever seen.

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So do love, bliss, and malevolence. We shouldn't eliminate it completely, but I think it's a problem if the bad in life dominates over the good in life

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They can also discourage people, though, in relative excess.

And how can you say that you'd rather have more bad in the world than good? Isn't goodness the ultimate goal of humanity?

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But true bad thoughts often come from the things we try to prevent, like the things you mentioned at the beginning of your comment.

The things you said cause people to try to work harder to achieve good thoughts and happiness, as opposed to harm others.

Losing a competition is only temporary bad that goes away and leaves only renewed ambition in its wake, which makes it good in the end

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We'd accomplish the most, but we wouldn't be happy. It's like stockpiling an enormous amount of money and investing it anew with the profits you make with each new profit.

What good are the innovations if they don't make us happy?

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But it shouldn't be the hate of losing that drives the occasional victory.

The way to achieve maximum happiness is to create a way where everyone can win

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If you go by saying that the bad makes us appreciate the good, I'd like to point out that the good we get from that extra appreciation isn't always enough to compensate for the bad that made you appreciate it.

And a world where everyone can win doesn't mean that it has to be vulnerable. People could still be able to protect themselves from being exploited.

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then what does it matter what we do if going through bad things makes us appreciate the good, and if the good makes us unappreciative of the good?

Then wouldn't every life bring the same amount of happiness anyways? I think it does not, which meant something about that logic isn't true.

Even if good makes us appreciate good less, we still experience more of it than if we give ourselves less that we appreciate more.

We can use our time to make life progressively better so we're always experiencing new tiers of good, and appreciate it more

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Then their ambition to be better shouldn't stem from hatred of losing, it should come from the excitement of winning. Competition is good, absolutely

You're right- we still have to lose sometmes to make winning special, but losing should not be something we think very badly of- we still get a lot from it

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Hatred is consuming. I think other positive emotions can both inspire you to work harder, and make you enjoy it at the same time.

That thought comes from personal experience. I have never been as inspired by hate (and probably never will be) as I have been by love.

I am not all that well acquainted with hate, but I think love has equal strength, while allowing you to enjoy what you're doing as well

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Yeah, you're right. Perhaps the best world is where we interpret things in our own way and find inspiration from whatever emotions fuel us best.

After all, who are we to decide what emotions people should feel more? Give them the choice, and whatever they choose is best

Do you feel there are more "good" people or "bad" people in this world?

@fuzala Do you feel there are more "good" people or "bad" people in this world?

I believe that everyone has equal potential to be good or bad, and it is the curcumstances around them that define it, therefore they constantly change.

Times when they are bad often spawn bad thoughts and notions, while good actions usually spawn good thoughts and notions

@Watchful_questioneer what do they mean?

It might not be easy to deem a person as "good" or "bad"
You may look at someone as a good person and someone else may seem him/her as as a bad person
it's really subjective I guess

I think that there is just as much love in the world as there is hate. Hateful things just get more attention. For example, giving a child an ice cream cone would get an "oh, well that was nice," at most, but taking it back would get at least a "what a bitch."

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I think people just seem to focus more on the hate

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