You stand with Israel, amirite?

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Um.. That is a hard question to answer. I stand with my legs mostly but I think I stood with an Israeli more than once.

OK I'll open the ball on this one. F**K Israel. Rebuttle, anyone?

In all seriousness though, I find it very hard to stand with a state like Israel. I want to support them, but they're just always so god-damned brutal, and they seem to refuse to acknowledge that the violence befalling them isn't entirely undeserved given their past behaviour. They seemt to compound and compound their problems by attacking attacking attacking, tanks, bombs, airstrikes...and every time they say they are within their rights because of a recent Hamas attack. They need to work on their understanding of the issues, and stop being blinded with their hatred based on more recent activities.

All the people I know who say they "stand with Israel" have no idea what's going on. They basically just mean they support it, right or wrong.

I stand with the humane

not saying Israel as a whole is not humane
just that I'm not gonna support atrocities committed by people in any country

fuzalas avatar fuzala No Way +5Reply

Yeah, why would a support a state that has broken the international law over 65 times? Or who continues to claim to want peace but wouldn't even agree to the 72 hour ceasefire, which is broke in under 24 hours.
Or who insists on Palestine that it needs to show that Israel has a right to exist but voted no on Palestine becoming a non-member state.
Or how about a state that denies Palestinians a right of return (which is illegal) and continues to build settlements on Palestinian land (which is illegal).
How can ANYONE support that?

Naggss avatar Naggs No Way +5Reply
@Naggs Yeah, why would a support a state that has broken the international law over 65 times? Or who continues to claim to...

... i know you're biased because you're wearing a hijab and you're talking about israel

Anonymous -10Reply
@... i know you're biased because you're wearing a hijab and you're talking about israel

I know you are too much of a coward to say that to my face so you have to hide behind an anonymous identity.

Naggss avatar Naggs No Way +11Reply

Wow this whole post makes me pissed. Just the fact that the total votes is in the negatives is so upsetting because most people probably have no idea what is going on in Israel. It is the size of New Jersey and almost all of the Middle East is ready to destroy the state in its entirety. How can Israel not use violence to defend itself when everyone around it is against its right to even exist. If they simply allowed themselves to be attacked, there would be no more Israel to even discuss. What is the reasoning behind Palestine's idea that Israel should not have a right to exist?

lindsay48s avatar lindsay48 Yeah You Are +2Reply
@lindsay48 Wow this whole post makes me pissed. Just the fact that the total votes is in the negatives is so upsetting because...

Interior Minister Eli Yishai on Israel's operation in Gaza: "The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years."

Ariel Sharon said, "We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too."

And lets not forget who voted who to not become a non-member state?

Not to mention attacking Gaza is attacking a population of over 50% children, which is not defense unless you believe in the murder of children.
Also if it wants to co-exist why would they break the ceasefire between them and the Palestinians, that seems awfully counterproductive to me.

Naggss avatar Naggs No Way 0Reply

What Israel did was not justified, but the surrounding Arab countries have committed just as many foul acts against them.

Neighbors avatar Neighbor Yeah You Are 0Reply

Omg can't believe the post score is in the positives. Most of you probably support it blindly when you don't even know what goes on in the Middle East, or only know what your biast media shows you. I most definitely don't support a country that isn't even supposed to exist.

Mayas avatar Maya No Way -4Reply
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Okay so let's forget the fact about what I said about Israel existing and whatnot; I have several reasons to be against Israel. The fact that they took over the south in my country for several years, and my grandpa had to run away from his village and wasn't able to go there anymore, they planted landmines everywhere that are still present to this day, they killed lots and lots of Lebanese people, fucked over my country plenty of times and are still trying their best to get a single chance to fuck it up even more, the fact that I had to run away from home in the lebanese-israeli war in 2006 and hide somewhere else in Lebanon (we couldn't travel) when I was just a kid, hearing explosions every day, expecting death any second. Some of my friends and family and relatives lost their houses and loved ones. My 4 year old cousin got traumatized from the events. I could go on and on and on about all the crap Lebanon endured by Israel, I could even go and google lots of info like you did, but I'd rather just stick to the facts that I faced myself. Besides what Israel did to Lebanon, I also stand with Palestine 100% and I think Naggs pretty much summed what I’d like to say in her comment.

Mayas avatar Maya No Way 0Reply
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Sorry, but she's from Lebanon and you assume her problem is the way Israel has treated PALESTINE? Israel fucked over Lebanon horribly. I tend to lean towards supporting Israel when it comes towards their relationship with Palestine (though I don't condone their actions) but Lebanon is an entirely different matter.

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You're going off topic. Go look up the stuff that Israel did to Lebanon, it's pretty hard to justify. That's far more likely to be the root of her problems with Israel since she's from there, so you're using the wrong arguments if you want to convince her. Just saying.

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The Palestinian refugees came to Lebanon decades ago, and yes they were treated unfairly but they still weren't treated as shitty as you say they were; the worst thing was they weren't allowed to have Lebanese passports because the government didn't want there to be more Lebanese Muslims than Christians. Anyways I admit, Lebanon’s a messed up country, even it’s people aren't treated fairly; the same way I admit that about my country, I think it’s time you opened your eyes and realized your government’s terrorism. You wanna join the airforce you say? That’s funny cause I still remember the helicopter that used to fly around in the sky everyday above us, watching our every move and tracking us down, and I remember perfectly well that one time when I heard a missile (If that’s what they’re called) going down and then a few minutes later heard the explosion that happened near us. You’re a young good boy, I really advise you not to join the airforce; don’t waste your life on something that doesn't deserve it.

Mayas avatar Maya No Way 0Reply
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Exactly Hamas barely have military force, nor do they have anything in Palestine to defend themselves with; they fight for the right of their country by using rocks while they're getting blown up all the time. It's even worse in palestine than it is in Israel; if Hamas launches missiles every once in a while, well that's nothing compared to what Israel does. And wow what brought Hezbollah into this? I don't really support any politics or politicians in my country and I hate them all, but in order for you to supposedly get rid of Hizbollah you're gonna have to fuck up all of Lebanon and get rid of everything else in here. Might even kill me who knows; how would you feel like to know you've killed an innocent amiriter huh? You wouldn't give a fuck I'm guessing, just like all of Israel's so called military. You think Hezbollah are the terrorists when really it's government. I have nothing against Israelis they're just innocent people like us, but yes I'm definitely against the Israeli government.

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