Josh Peck is not meant to play the role of a badass, amirite?

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Everytime I see him cock his gun, I think of him saying,"This one's for Oprah."

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Idunno, he's looking pretty bamf nowadays. He's just one of those unlucky actors to have his first big role stick with him forever

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Exactly. He plays the part well, people just are used to him being something so completely different.

Kinda like how Jim Carry is always the weird funny guy and Johnny Depp always plays a weird guy.


Typecasting isn't always bad.

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I mean, he's just such a goofball!

Ethans avatar Ethan Yeah You Are 0Reply

He's a dork, that's what he's meant to play.

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Channing Tatum is the man for the job XEXS

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