Are you just another average face in the crowd, somebody a person may find attractive and could never work up the courage to talk to, or someone who seems like a possible threat that another person may try to avoid? Everybody views people in a different light based off of past social experiences and their own personality. Sometimes you wonder how others view you, amirite?

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Okay not to be "that kid" or anything, but this kind of reminds me of my post... http://amirite.com/738237

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@eastcoast Okay not to be "that kid" or anything, but this kind of reminds me of my post... http://amirite.com/738237

I liked your post better, I suggested it to be POTD as well. goo smilie
If this post is POTD worthy yours is as well.

@Len She sure does like doing that.

I believe I've stumbled into a situation I don't quite want to understand

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See now I have no idea if you're joking or not. I think she's like 12 but I could be wrong

more like always actually. hehe smilie

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The sad lesbian part made me laugh.

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I'm that guy with the disease on the higher part of his face that makes me look like I slammed my head up against a burning hot stove.
Not another average face, somebody some people might want to avoid.

@It doesn't look that way in your picture?

It was taken about 2 years and 8 months ago and I had just gotten out of the hospital after a month of treatment because a big day was coming up, including my Birthday.

Could this be shortened to just, "Sometimes you wonder how others view you, amirite?" ?

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I've heard from multiple people that I look batshit insane. Oddly enough, I'm the person strangers come up to if they have a question. Says something about todays society, doesn't it?

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