You enjoy technology and all, but sometimes you wish you could live more simply, amirite?

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No, I want it to be more integrated into me. I want to have surgery done to me that would allow me to work as an outlet or something fucking crazy like that. I love technology so much, I sometimes contemplate sleeping with cords wrapped around my body and often times go to sleep to the sweet sound of static. The more advanced it becomes the more I love it.

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@Len It already is in a broad sense of the term.

Yeah. But imagine being manipulated in a sense that other people could fully control our actions.

  • youtube.com/watch?v=V43t_S7VGJA

Have you read the book Ready Player One? Pretty good.

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not as something permanent
but I felt like spending time in an Amish community
with the no electricity and stuff
just for a little bit

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