If you post your password on here, it turns to stars. At least it does if it's a swear word. Amirite?

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Wait, swears are starred out now? The new owners are turning this site to shit with things like that.

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This comment was deleted.

Only f-ck and c-nt were starred.

Well of course it is, who doesn't have their password set as at least 4 different swear words with at least 3 different digits? Don't they know the first thing about password security?

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My password is ModsAnthony. They deleted my post before it even got to the just in page.

I did this on fb once
and I got some people to put asterisks in the comments

I didn't think people who weren't in on it would actually comment their password
(I saw it on fail blog or something first)

and one person got mad at me wary smilie

this was like 5 years ago

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