Pay attention in math class because it is the one thing you might actually need to know in real life someday when the cash register breaks down and you have to count change back to a customer on your own, amirite?

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What I am getting from this post:

  • Everyone who reads it will work in retail.
  • If a cash register broke down they would force the cashier to memorise the price of every item in the store and do all the relevant calculations in their head.
  • Cash registers count out the change for the cashier.
  • It is more likely that all electronic devices in a store would simultaneously malfunction than it is that someone would come into a store who didn't share your first language, so basic addition and subtraction (which I guess you're learning all throughout school?) is a better spent school subject for a cashier than a foreign language.
  • There are people out there who only have enough tolerance for school to pay attention in one subject, but they can choose which one without issue.

Is there something I'm missing?

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Probably something demeaning like a French teacher, amirite?

The hope is that if I pay attention in math class I won't ve working a till.

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