Putting a square inch brand logo on the chest of a white t-shirt does not make the shirt worth anymore than a regular plain white t-shirt. People just jack up the price of the shirt for that one inch of thread that says "look at me! I'm name brand!" amirite?

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Exactly! Why pay more for the same thing?

brittanyhennens avatar brittanyhennen Yeah You Are +1Reply

People are stupid. I say if they're willing to pay through the nose for an overpriced item then let them. They got more money than sense and its the universe balancing things out.

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I agree for the most part
but sometimes we get what we pay for
the cloth quality may be better

fuzalas avatar fuzala Yeah You Are +3Reply

Thrift Shop by Macklemore: how you're supposed to shop.

rosebuds avatar rosebud Yeah You Are +1Reply
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