You know somebody with a nickname that has nothing to do with their actual name, amirite?

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Like Fat Amy, when her real name's Fat Patricia

My friend Zachary is called Dunkin, and nobody knows who you're talking about if you call him by his real name. Then my other friend Andrew is called Lunchbox. My aunt's name is Linda, she goes by Bonnie. My uncle's name is John, he goes by Chip or Chipper.

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Yeah i have some weird nicknames like people always call me fa.ggot. Makes no sense. My name is Brett.

Chopstix, pheonix, biskit, sugerplum. All nicknames chicks on my facebook have -__-

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This one guy at my school is named Freeman but he goes by Joe.

I have an uncle Evergreen (Peter) and an uncle Spike (Rex). My sister's friend is called Woof (Jess) and my sister is often called Daphne by my dad. Her actual name is Lucy.

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Everyone calls me Oranges.

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I go by caveman

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I go by Cole, my name is Shurie.

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