First we had The Voice, now they are coming out with The Face. What's next? The Elbow? It's strange that TV titles are boiling down to an odd assortment of body parts, amirite?

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I don't think my voice is a body part...

There should be one called The Butt. People have to grab a stranger's butt and say beforehand "Look at mee! I'm gonna touch the butt!"

I'm anticipating the debut of "Dat Ass."

@random_username I'm anticipating the debut of "Dat Ass."

I'm pretty sure you can find that channel in New Orleans

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This reminds me of V for Vendetta (the graphic novel, not the movie) where the Eye, the Mouth, the Nose, the Fingers, and the Ears all serve different functions for the fascist government.

I doubt that's the fate of television, it's more along these lines in my mind:
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