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Because everyone totally has the money for a stylist and/or the time to ask for their friends' opinions before walking out the door every single day.
Seriously, no.
It's MY decision what I want to wear. Not anyone else's.

Because everyone in the world is just as shallow as you are.

This is ridiculous. I grew up from a poor family, I'm quite happy with clothes that fit and are clean. My day, my life and how I feel each day is not determined by what I wear so i don't see why my outfit should hold such precedence over my life. I personally think, taking care of my education, going to work getting paid, and having a good time with family and friends is enough. Even if i dont look or dress like madonna. Just saying.

The only time someone's had a problem with what I wear was when I decided I felt good enough about myself to get a dress for the first time ever. I wear what I want