New Years Resolutions are a good way to begin your year with achievable goals if you actually put work into them. People that complain about failing them every year don't have the willpower or are simply too lazy to follow up with action on their own words, amirite?

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New Year's resolutions are stupid. There's no reason to wait to achieve a goal because it's a new year; if you really wanted to do it, you'd just do it, and not really wanting something that bad of course usually ends up with you giving up cuz there's no motivation. Setting up a goal they don't take seriously because of a stupid holiday tradition and not achieving it doesn't say that much about their character. It doesn't mean they don't have will power or that they're too lazy to follow up with actions for every other goal they have, it only says they didn't have the motivation or will power for the goal they set up on New Year's.

TL;DR: People who are always lazy to follow up with action on their words and don't have will power aren't going to achieve their New Year's goal, but that doesn't mean all people who don't achieve their New Year's goals are lazy and lack will power.

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