You shower before bed, not in the morning, amirite?

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I always thought it was a tad odd for me to do so. How comforting.

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Before bed on school days, in the morning on weekends. I don't have time to shower in the morning before school.

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Morning and after workouts.

Warm showers are the only thing I really look forward to in the mornings.

before bed. the last thing i need in the morning is something else to do.

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I used to, but with the whole college thing, I end up showering either in the morning or in the afternoon.

I wash my hair in the shower at night and shower again in the morning without getting my hair wet.

Ain't nobody got time to shower in the morning! I already wake up most days at 5:30 and I'd have to wake up at least half an hour earlier to take a good shower. I'm already a morning person though, so I don't need a shower to wake me up.

I used to. But I've been showering in the mornings for a few years now. Don't know when/why I switched.

Not before bed... Just like middle of the day or evening.

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It depends really

During the summer I have to shower in the morning because I get hot and sweaty while I sleep.

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