Everybody has an opinion, they are all different, so if they post their opinion do not be so quick to judge, amirite?

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wary smilie What someone's opinion is is a large part of who they are, as such it makes sense to be mildly judgemental of someone when they post something that seems immoral or idiotic.
You shouldn't base your whole opinion of them on what they say but it's a big part of them. Y'know?

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what does "judge" really mean, it gets thrown around so much nowadays? there's a difference in disagreeing and judging an opinion. Also, some opinions are just outright stupid, and just as someone has a right to spout them off, we all likewise have a right to "judge" them

Isn't that the exact reason we post on here? So that people will judge them aka agree or disagree? Also, this post really isn't an opinion.

I'd just like to point out that not all opinions are different.

Why not? Sure they can have an opinion. And I can have an opinion about their opinion. And I can have an opinion about them. Nothing wrong with that. That's my opinion.

What are we supposed to fucking judge people on?

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