It's easier to accept some unrealistic details over others. Maybe that's why people complain about how SpongeBob takes showers while he's already underwater, but they accept that he's a talking sponge, amirite?

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I tend to think of it as suspending disbelief based upon the premise of the show. Spongebob is a talking sponge, but we accept it because it's the premise of the show. Taking showers underwater is still open to scrutiny because the show doesn't specifically deal with showers underwater, and most other aspects of the show reflect how we live.

It's kinda complicated, but do you see what I'm saying?

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@Mike_Hawk I tend to think of it as suspending disbelief based upon the premise of the show. Spongebob is a talking sponge...

I was thinking about how a lot of people kept saying "out of all the unrealistic aspects in show x, this is the one that bugs you?"

I couldn't figure out exactly why some aspects bug me more than others
it was at the tip of my tongue, but I guess I just settled for the explanation I made in the post

the explanation you gave seems much more on point

I think that unrealistic details that are expected bug me less than the ones that aren't as obvious

In short, I see what you're saying

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In Spongebob, I often wonder HOW exactly Krabby Patties are made out of beef when there's no cows in the ocean. They never even show how they actually GET the Krabby Patties. The patties are just...there.

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It's all about the premise of the show like someone said. If there is a show about a man who can fly we accept it and don't question that people can't fly in real life. But the minute he starts doing other things like teleporting or making unicorns appears out of thin air, we start to question it because it's stupid and there is no explanation for it and the storylines make no sense because anyone can do anything.That's why writers should stick to their own made up rules and not do unexplained stuff. It pisses me off when people find plotholes in sci-fi shows and somebody replies with, "You accept he can fly but won't accept [insert plothole here] ?" This is not a valid argument and shows without continuity are crap.

That's awesome. It's like in Stargate SG1 when no matter what planet they go to, what galaxy they are transported to or what culture they encouter, the human or human-like creatures (as well as some others) all speak American English or British English. Hahaha. It's willing suspension of disbelief!

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