The average lifespan of a mobile phone is a complete joke, they're not made to last and nobody seems to care because it lets them buy the new shiniest model in the store guilt free, amirite?

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I disagree because the lifespan usually depends on how well you take care of it. My cousin and I got the exact same touch screen phone a while back. Mine still works totally fine after 3 years, while hers started bugging and glitching out after just one and a half. If you watch what you're downloading on it, and don't let it get knocked around a ton, you can make them last.

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i don't think so.. what if that phone gets an program bug in its software !!

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@post i don't think so.. what if that phone gets an program bug in its software !!

Then they put out an update for that phones software. Phones themselves, and most technology really, are made to fail after a certain amount of time so that people HAVE to keep buying new ones.

The reason smartphone batteries don't last as long is because people are on them constantly. My iPhone will stay at 100% for 6 hrs. off the charger if I don't mess with it all the damn time.

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I'm typing and posting this comment on/from it. I never said that I don't use it. I was implying that I have better things to do than constantly wear my phone's battery down.

Cell phones can last as long as you want it to if you take care of it. People get the next new thing because they're willing to pay for the upgrade. It has nothing to do with a lifespan.

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