“Save your money! 50% off Sales!!!” Actually, we’d save money by not buying anything from the sales, amirite?

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I think it was our local cable company that used to advertise "the more you buy the more you save". That makes perfect sense.

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that's true

but many people who see big sales decide to buy things that they don't want or need

there's excitement and whatnot
and it makes the products look more appealing then they are

so even if the product is cheaper,
there's a sort of pressure to buy now or they may miss out

it's a good tactic and it's been working well for all these years
but I'm on to them wary smilie

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Well yeah, if you're already going to buy that thing anyway or know you're gonna need to buy that thing soon. Like if you saw washer and dryers for sale half off and yours were 10 years old and have broken 3 times, you should get the new ones cuz your washer and dryer are gonna die at some point so you're gonna be stuck buying new ones at full price. But a lot of the time people buy things just because they're on sale- so you're not actually saving any money you're just spending it.

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Didn't your mother ever tell you a penny saved is a penny earned?

I use the same logic for coupons. You're not really saving money if you didn't plan on buying something to begin with.
When I clip coupons I only get the ones for things that I already buy.

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