Society has put an unnecessary amount of effort into the advancement of yogurt, amirite?

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That took an unexpected left turn.

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Low fat, greek yogurt, whipped, "Oh this tastes like desert!", frozen yogurt, yogurt that helps with digestion, drinkable yogurt, go-gurt, and that's just off the top of my head.

BTW if you are a vegetarian read the label, many now add fish (yes- fish) to boost vitamin E. Whipped, fluffed, with special tops to hold crunchys, sugared, fruited, Greek-ed, French-ed, tubed, stop me before I blow a gasket… just eat plain yogurt and like it.

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Turkish food in general is fucking amazing omg.
And when you have it with yogurt it's so good
Actually indian food is pretty good with yogurt too!

Yogurt is better than Doritos. Shut up.

It could be completely necessary, you never know what life would be without it.

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