For the developed world, things are better than they've ever been. It's such a shame that the media and Government would have us think that the world is going to shit and that it's "time we do something", amirite?

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Well, its not as if things are so rosy in the developed world. In America fo instance, unemployment is higher than its been in the past, the economy isn't in great shape, debt is ridiculous and congrats they're involved in a war that doesn't look like it'll end anytime soon, plus they're on the verge of another war, the gap between the rich and poor is growing, human rights are violated for the sake of national security, etc. Europe is in economic turmoil. And then there's the whole climate change thing that no one wants to do anything about. Just because the bubble of your life seems good doesn't mean things aren't shit for everyone else. They are. Maybe not as shit as the media claim, but its still pretty shit.

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If you look at technology and convenience, then yes. But you still have to ask what better is. A person used to be able to do odd jobs and survive pretty easily when unemployed, and just wake up one day and decide to be self-employed, but now you need a permit or licence for every damned thing. Sometimes I think people would be happier in a world where only survival (medicine and anti-animal weapons) and plumbing-related things were advanced and everything else left at a fantasy game kind of level.

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The world is developed. America is. Look at parts of Europe.

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@The world is developed. America is. Look at parts of Europe.

What about South America, most of Africa, some of Asia, and some of Europe? The world is not totally developed. There are a lot of places still doing really badly.

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