At least once in your life when you had a flip phone and terrorists bombed the earth and everyone died except you and one other person who had your number so they could call you, you were repeatedly opening and closing your phone at a point when you received a phone call, causing you to accidentally the entire call, and then that one person an heroed because they thought they were the only ones left and didn't want to live without you, then you were stuck on the earth foreveralone, so you wen... amirite?

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Happened to me just this mornin'. sips coffee

Meanwhile in the futer

I think they accidentally the verb.

... What?


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@Suzywao Accidently*

You know, you could have sent me an actual picture.

So yeah, I guess I am (which is strange because I've been using this site for over a year). So what is this?

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@personThingy *Accidentally


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"an heroed" means they killed themeselves if anyone is wondering.

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Then who was phone??

You got an early start on ACT prep, didn't you?


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So I wen being foreveralone?

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