We all contain the ability to time travel. Each person has individualized memories that we can get lost in; is that not traveling through the past? Our memories may be tainted by emotions and cultural bias, but together, collectively, mankind has something that many other species on earth don't have: we have a recorded past. And this is why many people cannot just live in the moment. This is why we need the concept of a future, amirite?

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aw heel yeah vonn4lyfe

This is very Vonnegut of you to post.

@Liz229l This is very Vonnegut of you to post.

He's one of my favorite authors :)

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If I were to time travel I wouldn't revisit memories, I would go see the dinosaurs or something.

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I know what the point of the post was I was just addressing part of it. If I was arguing with you there would have been a red box around my comment.

oo getting philosophical, aren't we

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