Now acting is just to read lines that someone else wrote and getting millions of dollars for each movie, amirite?

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Acting was always reading lines someone else wrote, ever since movies and shows with sound became commonplace. Unless you wrote and are starring in said movie, then you are reading your own words. But in the movie industry, it was never "do whatever you want as long as it fits the storyline somehow". Also, not every movie ever made is an instant ticket to being a millionaire.

There are so many different types of acting though. It's never been "just" anything.

The reason movie stars make so much money is that feature films GENERATE so much money. And when Tom Cruise's name is on a film, how many more people are going to buy a ticket to it? Movie stars make movies marketable. What would Independence Day have been without Will Smith? It certainly has a marketable plot, an original idea, great dialogue, and plenty of opportunities for fantasy escapism for the viewer, but I'm sure some people said, "Independence Day? What's that? Oh--Will Smith is in it? Let's go!"

Plus, it's not like movie stars don't deserve all that money. It's not like directors, casting directors, and producers walk down Santa Monica Boulevard, point to the first person they see, and say, "You! You're it! You're the next big Hollywood superstar!" Okay. Sometimes something similar to this happens. But without hard work, talent, intelligence, perseverance, much sacrifice, rejection, and aim to be do the right movies to get on top and stay there, one will certainly fail.

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