Your go-to strategy when it comes to flirting is to make eye contact a few times then hope he/she is braver than you are, amirite?

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My favorite strategy for flirting is to sit in front of my computer and cry because I'm ugly and nobody loves me.

ShannonIsAUnicorns avatar ShannonIsAUnicorn Yeah You Are +60Reply

I put smiley faces in my texts.

But hey, I have a boyfriend so that worked.

I would definitely introduce myself to a girl i catch looking at me. Problem is i never catch one doing so. Either i'm unobservant or unattractive. Fuck.

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@RebaSoup I don't know about that, your profile pic is seriously turning me on right now.

It's tempting to upload a creepy picture while this comment exists.

I just kinda hit on everyone I find attractive and see who responds well. It's sleezy, but it works. That's how I met my ex and a few of my best friends.

Mike_Hawks avatar Mike_Hawk Yeah You Are +7Reply

TV show references usually work...if they watch the show...if not...well then talk about their booty

kidder4life31s avatar kidder4life31 Yeah You Are +4Reply

I'm just like, "Helllloo ;) You are one sexy mofo... Bye!" 3....2....1.... (guy turns around) "Hey! You never told me your name!" (exchange names and phone numbers then in a few years, ride off into the sunset on a Pegasus)

... Yeah that shit don't happen in real life

Non-stop pickup lines. It's working. Sort of.

names avatar name No Way +1Reply

"Mamihlapinatapai" – from the Yagan language of Tierra del Fuego. It is "the wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start."


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