Some people take outliers to be the norm. Yes, that one lady lived to 110 even though she smoked all the time. There usually are exceptions to the rule, but that doesn't mean you'll be in that exceptional situation, amirite?

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you're right

I'll get that fixed

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it's been done y smilie

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Good post. Many say they can control their health issues by what they eat or drink, but doctors frequently tell us that our genes do more to determine health than anything else. Many people eat and drink whatever they want and live to be ripe old ages. And plenty of people who eat right and exercise every day still die at young ages.

Of course. Statisticians arrive at certain information by aggregating data from many people and working with the information in such a way to give us the most accurate view of average results. In every population, there will be extreme highs and lows. Some will be so extreme as to skew the data. But sometimes those extremes just get thrown out for the sake of accuracy. The 110-year-old smoking woman is an extreme, and should not be looked to as a great role model of how to conduct our lives. Far more people (like my uncle, for instance) end up getting deadly cancer. Furthermore, if you believe as I do that God created and sustains life, you realize that your last day on earth was appointed by God long before you arrived here.

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