How a family operates on the inside is more crucial than how it appears from the outside, amirite?

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My friend's mom seems pretty nice, but getting to know said friend better has taught me she's a bit... crazy.
Like my friend did something wrong, like talk back, and as punishment her mom took everything out of her room.
Everything. If she needs it for something like school or a convention(she's a cosplayer) her mom will let her use it for that, but it's pretty strict.

My dad, his ex-wife, and her daughter were in the midst of a huge feud. They went to church to volunteer and put on happy faces, but as soon as they were driving away they were back to arguing and the likes. I was so glad they got divorced... During one of her tantrums, she threw away all the groceries she bought. She proclaimed to be "a righteous Christian". At the very least, she should have donated the food instead of throwing it out. She didn't want us to eat it, so she threw it all out.

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