You can’t really compare Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift to Ludwig Beethoven or Joseph Haydn. So why are there so many posts like this? Amirite?

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All the same, I am curious as to what Beethoven would say if he could hear and was alive today and listened to Skrillex or something.

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Sure you can compare them. But, if you do, you should be sure to include the factors which cause them to be similar or different, such as audience.

How so you write in italics?!

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@lana How so you write in italics?!

Go to Amirite "Help" and click the center box for all kinds of goodies.


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maybe someone's hand slipped

I know I accidentally downvoted someone's trip to these beautiful mountains

but then I noticed this
and upvoted the comment

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some people hate smileys

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