It doesn't make much sense that God in the bible created light before he created the sun and the stars, amirite?

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Origen of Alexandria (185-254 CE), a very influential early Christian theologian, would agree with you:

"What intelligent person can imagine that there was a first “day,” then a second and a third “day”—evening and morning—without the sun, the moon, and the stars? And that the first “day”—if it makes sense to call it such—existed even without a sky? Who is foolish enough to believe that, like a human gardener, God planted a garden in Eden in the East and placed in it a tree of life, visible and physical, so that by biting into its fruit one would obtain life? And that by eating from another tree, one would come to know good and evil? And when it is said that God walked in the garden in the evening and that Adam hid himself behind a tree, I cannot imagine that anyone will doubt that these details point symbolically to spiritual meanings, by using an historical narrative which did not literally happen."

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Trees and plants also came before the sun.Coincidentally the process of photosynthesis wouldn't have been known to the writers of the bible.Hell (no pun intended) of a coincidence.

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That's how it actually happened, according o the big bang theory. Photons were actually really abundant in the primordial soup of sub atomic particles, and it was much later that matter began to coalesce due to gravity, and longer still before nebulae compressed enough to form stars. Even looking thought the Hubble Space Telescope, the Wall is made of microwave radiation, which is also light. God can probably see all wavelengths.