It's awkward when you come back to from zoning out and realize someone is staring at you because it looked to them like you were staring. Amirite?

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or they have been talking to you for 10 minutes and you had no idea.

VicZincs avatar VicZinc Yeah You Are +7Reply

I zoned out in class once and my teacher moved to where I was looking so it looking like I was staring at his butt.

ItsATraps avatar ItsATrap Yeah You Are +5Reply

How about trying to read what's written on a female's shirt? It doesn't matter how innocent it was, you were staring.

PhilboydStudges avatar PhilboydStudge Yeah You Are +3Reply

One time I did that across the room from my grandpa while he was sleeping and he woke up and said "Why are you staring at me, kid?"

AyAmRights avatar AyAmRight Yeah You Are 0Reply

This happens to me a couple of times a day. And then sometimes when people wave their hands in from of my face I snap back but I don't realize what's going on so I have a miniature freakout.

Wunderscores avatar Wunderscore Yeah You Are 0Reply
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