To all those who cry about not havIng a valentine for valentine's day, just remember there are those without fathers for father's day and mothers for mother's day, amirite?

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What's your point?
The suffering of others is suppose to make me feel happy?
Yeah, sounds great. Next time I stub my toe I'm going to think about starving African children and people who lose limbs horrible constructions accidents.

And without earths on Earth day. Or groundhogs on Groundhogs day. Sad stuff man....sad stuff

This was posted like five days ago! What the actual fuck people?! Fucking SEARCH.

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The sadness of others shouldn't be classified by this and that.

Besides, what about having no daughters on Daughter's Day? Or no pie on Pie Day?

Dude, its not a big deal.

And a few years back too.

What about the people with neither a Valentine's date or a mother...

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