Musicians: You love how on Twitter people indicate which words should be raised up a half-step in pitch, amirite?

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As I read this, my mind invisioned a dumbfounded version of myself in the middle of a desert, a tumbleweed majestically drifted by.

Seriously, help me out here.

Lens avatar Len Yeah You Are +3Reply
@MusicIsAGift It is a reference to a sharp sign. http://ctrlv.in/158956

If I wasn't so musically retarded I'd have found that funny. Now I'm just a tad depressed I didn't get it in the first place.

Lens avatar Len Yeah You Are 0Reply

And now it's Facebook too.

MusicIsAGifts avatar MusicIsAGift Yeah You Are +3Reply

I actually had no idea what you meant haha, that joke went right over my head

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