Maybe people resist change so much because it can go into unfamiliar and unknown territory. As much as many claim that familiarity is boring, it's still something that can be craved. It's still something that can provide comfort, amirite?

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I subscribe to the philosophy of Heraclitus who proposed that change was the only thing in the universe (or something close to that in translation from the Greek). Often quoted as "Nothing is certain except change."

Even so, there is great comfort in the familiar.

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@fuzala Would that imply knowing?

Maybe. Interesting. I wonder if I can say, "the only thing I know for sure is that things will change." And if I can say that, does that invalidate my previous statement that "I cannot know anything for certain." ?

In order to prevent cognitive dissonance I have to say that I do not know for certain that things will change, but I believe they will.

Is that what you meant?

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