Spit-takes in the real world aren't as common as TV/movies make them out to be, amirite?

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Usually it just dribbles out a bit, or a lot. Or goes through someone's nose.

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but when they actually do happen... it's like 10 times more hilarious

like this
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I've never seen someone do this in person

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here are some outside of Disney

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Steve's comment pretty much sums things up on this one


they were pretty entertaining to me too think smilie

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I never do spit takes. Unless it's a 'cool story, bro' thing. If i need to start speaking immediately, i just let it pour out of my mouth.

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thats cause it would be nasty and you'd have to clean it up...

it actually happened to me once. it was the funniest thing ever because it wasn't fake at all. and it was milk.

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