Bad decisions soon become good memories. Amirite?

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Well I lost all my money betting on a racehorse with three broken legs but at least this will somehow be a good memory for me in the future.

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@Ross No you didn't, no equine sport organization would let a horse race with one leg.

He actually said it had 3 broken ones, maybe it only had 3 and they were all broken. Perhaps that's why it lost the race.

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@Ross Stop fucking with me man I totally expect a horse with 3 broken legs to slay at a race.

Maybe all the other horses didn't have legs at all, and had to do the worm to get to the finish. Perhaps that's why a horse with 3 broken legs would have a chance.

Tattoo of naked Rosie O'Donnel I got while I was wasted? Still a bad memory.

"Living like Larry"

Fun decisions that may have been unwise. Bad descisions hurt.

...then I thought, hey yolo - ah! good times.

Let me know if you get a good memory for posting this.

LIKE the time i made that bird pregnant...good times

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And then other times it will continue to be a ba memory that you wish you could forget.

Depends on your age i think. If you're a teenager than you can just reflect back as an adult but if you're already an adult than it's considered a mid-life crisis

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I would love to hear one legitimate example of this.

@hydroGEN I would love to hear one legitimate example of this.

I can only think that by "good memories" OP meant vivid memories. Then yes, I have some examples of bad decisions that I remember quite vividly.

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