No child deserves to grow up in a home where they don't feel safe, amirite?

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What sort of exceptions are there to this? I'm not asking with any sarcasm at all, just curious.

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@LyssaBlau What sort of exceptions are there to this? I'm not asking with any sarcasm at all, just curious.

There are some truly horrible people out there. There are some people that don't deserve to feel safe. Unfortunately, sometimes people show these horrible traits as children. Having a bad childhood or not knowing any better are excuses that are only acceptable to a point. If a child constantly inflicted pain on others, and didn't allow others to feel safe, do you think that they deserve to feel safe?

I hope I don't sound like a horrible person or anything. In general, all kids do deserve to feel safe. I just feel like there is too much evil in the world to say that every single person, no matter their age, deserves good things.

No child deserves to die, either...

I hate when posts make sweeping declarations like this. I generally agree on a superficial level, but I always think about exceptions, and then I just decide not to vote.

All children must live in houses filled with spike pits and poison dart traps

Why is the just in page assaulting my feelings with all these posts? cry smilie

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@LyssaBlau Awww I'm sowwie! :c

I enjoyed the crying on multiple levels. I honestly am just surprised by how many posts of this nature are on the just in page right now. wary smilie

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I would love to read a comment from someone that doesn't agree. Anyone?

Yeah, it sucks living in a home where you have to constantly watch over your shoulder in case your mother or sister decides to flip her shit and attack you. Meanwhile, you're the pacifist cowering and trying not to get injured.

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