You prefer your bags of shredded cheese to come with a plastic slider to help seal it shut, amirite?

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...is this seriously POTD

This post, no offense to OP, is far too mundane to be POTD. I'm very surprised it was chosen. There have been far better posts. It's like it was only chosen because it's high-scoring, which is by far not the most important criteria when considering a POTD.

How is this POTD material? o.e

xxdetroitxxs avatar xxdetroitxx Yeah You Are +3Reply

I knew cheese could brainwash people wary smilie


fuzalas avatar fuzala Yeah You Are +1Reply

Or just grate your own damn block of cheese. It will be easier to keep fresh and it's cheaper anyway.

Chromanas avatar Chromana Yeah You Are 0Reply

Wow... This is POTD?

Back to deleting comments again now are we admin? y smilie

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