it would be really interesting to work in a sex shop, amirite?

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I've always found people who work in sex shops (at least the classier ones like Ann Summers as opposed to the more seedy backstreet ones) very alluring because of how casually they talk about anything sex-related. They'll tell you which anal beads to get to hit all the sweet spots as if they're a salesperson in an electrical store telling you which type of TV to opt for to best meet their needs. In my ideal world, everyone would be this casual about sex. So it would be interesting to work in a sex shop to get to know some of these people and see if they actually have no hang-ups about sex outside of work hours (although the fact that they would choose to work in a sex shop in the first place gives me some kind of clue) or if it's just for the purpose of putting the customer at ease when dealing with what some customers could find a bit embarrassing. It would let me see from the inside if managers tend to train their employees to that effect.

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I've called it sex shop before but I think the proper term is 'adult bookstore'. Sex shop makes it sound like some shop you go have sex with slaves or something.

It would be really interesting to be a sex shop.

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I've always found the term "sex shop" to be kind of deceptive, but regardless, yes it would be interesting.

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@lecornergirl it is one of my goals in life to do it for a short period at least.

I want to as well, I'd love to have a customer walk in, they'd pick up a DvD and I'd tell them to stop touching my stuff. Something like, "This is a sex shop not a porn shop!" It'd be glorious, truly a noteworthy experience.

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I hate shopping

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