Sometimes, you look around and think "it's 2013, how are people still holding these bigoted views?" but you still appreciate how vastly societal changes concerning the bigotry have happened and like to think that by the time this young generation is the old generation that bigotry will be eliminated from the mainstream, amirite?

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I think it's inevitable for there to always be some kind of hatred, but I think that as far as those kinds of views being accepted and being one of the mainstream views, that they at some point in the near future not be accepted and that so few will hold those views they won't be mainstream anymore. Ex: right now one of the mainstream views in the U.S. is that gays shouldn't be married. This is apparent since it's not legal and people vote on shit to be legal or not (even though just about everyone I know is for it, but that's because just about everyone I know is around my age) so more people have voted not than for. I think it's mostly the older generations that hold the view for not, what I can tell, the younger generation tends to be more for it than against, so hopefully in the future this generation will raise kids that are open minded and any person that raises a kid to be against gay marriage the kid will be influenced by society to be for it so that eventually there will be more people who want there to be gay marriage than people who don't want there to be.

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