You sometimes genuinely wonder whether you're insane, amirite?

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Sometimes I burst out laughing when someone gets killed in the movies and everyone stares. /: Sometimes the way people get killed is genuinely funny.

Frank_n_Furters avatar Frank_n_Furter Yeah You Are +4Reply

I don't think anyone is PERFECTLY sane, and maybe someone who is, is so unnatural that it's considered psychologically abnormal to be normal in everything. Maybe being perfectly sane is also insanity.

You have no idea.

Mike_Hawks avatar Mike_Hawk Yeah You Are +1Reply

Most of the time I am fairly sure that I am.

rilaras avatar rilara Yeah You Are +1Reply

I read somewhere that if you question your sanity you have to at least be the slightest bit sane in order to question it.

it's funny the voices in my head were other peoples comments echoing , I stopped listing to peoples negative comments and the voices went away

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