If this website had more people on it, it would be bad. It would be flooded and it would be hard to keep up, amirite?

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I don't know, it could do with a few more

Yea a few more.. But it is a shame.. Cause this website could be THE ONE in surveying millions of people on any topic. I can see this idea become very big. if steered correctly

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I agree that too many peeps spoil the site. I'm not sure what should be done if it gets too big though. The once every 10 min thing would be good but I think there's only one guy running it atm. There could be a similar system to fml where new posts get moderated by the public before going live

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Are you the creator of this website? Its awesome man)) You should write an iPhone/WinMo/Android app))

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Anonymous needs to be off and blocked by management

When the site becomes extremely popular, moderators should only allow one post (and choose the most interesting one at that) every ten minutes or so

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Lol I had just thought of the notification thing. Also, how do you add external links and links to profiles etc?

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I think a flooded overwhelmed social place looses kinda his magic and beauty. There are huge social media sites like 9gag and others where you can get lost into the crowd...I liked always sodahead and these kinds social sites cause you have a chance to know better the people...

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