You either believe in individual liberty or you don't. And insisting that the federal government tell other people what plant they can grow or smoke to get high is not demonstrative of the support of individual liberty. Amirite?

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Individual liberties is great if you ask nothing in return ever. That's to say you don't get to appreciate the army that protects you, the laws the save you.
You get nothing. And most people when push comes to shove want something from the government so there has to be compromise, ' I'll protect you if you protect yourself'

Would the NW'ers please explain?

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You're not at liberty to celebrate your individual liberty! At least not unless you live in Colorado or Washington. Or a MMJ state.

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Sometimes, I fucking love the mitten.


Ahh very nice. Totes jelly.

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You should medicate and then fix a nice sandwich.

This post is confusingly worded. I don't know whether I agree or disagree

@KirstenAnn This post is confusingly worded. I don't know whether I agree or disagree

This concept has been posted by me many other places online and articulated to many people in person and very rarely is it considered confusing. Perhaps consider reading it aloud a few times. Beyond this, I can't help ya much sis.

I believe that weed should be legalized, perhaps regulated to the extent that alcohol is. Perhaps an age for smoking cannabis, which should be about the same as the drinking age (once it's lowered.) I also think that possession should be decriminalized for both (although if an institution sells these products to a minor it should be held accountable). Proper sanitation requirements should be met. Education on responsible usage, as well as the possible negative effects from improper usage, should be provided. Abuse of marijuana, alcohol, or any other drug should be a problem that is referred to a hospital, not a prison. (If a person is driving under the influence of any substance past a legal level, there should be a punishment for putting others' lives at risk.) Legalizing these substances will decrease the stigma behind seeking medical treatment for an addiction or any other problem resulting from drug abuse.

Also, we need to end this "war on drugs." It fills up the prisons and the money spent on it would be better spent on health care and education.

As for the other part of the post (you either believe in individual liberty or you don't) not enough information provided.

Ew gross, I would never touch the devils lettuce, Jesus cries when you inject marijuana needles. I had a friend who used to inject 5 whole marijuanas a day. He died within 4 minutes of his first dose.

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