It's interesting how opinion ends with -ion (the suffix used for types of ions) and can be positive or negative, just like ions, amirite?

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Or the minions! Those little guys tend to be very positive, but in my book, because they work so hard, that's completely their prerogative. They've earned that right. If one wants to be negative, I'd be just as supportive.

Cations or anions! Oh how I love biochem l smilie

@death_or_glory http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/-ion idiot

Just because someone doesn't know what a word means doesn't make them an idiot, it makes them ignorant. And by the way, they weren't talking about Latin prefixes, they were talking about the scientific terms anions, cations, dianion, and radical ions, which can be positively or negatively charged.

@death_or_glory Named such after the Latin ending.

And? The post isn't comparing Latin prefixes to different kinds of ions to the word opinion, just the similarities between different kinds of ions being positive and negative just like opinions.

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