Canadians: You like Tim Hortons better than Starbucks. Amirite?

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Way better.
It's cheaper and you don't get the feeling that they pissed in your coffee.

Seriously, you'd think they pay Tim Hortons workers to smile and Starbucks workers to stare into your eyes until you're sure they fucking stole your soul.

Lens avatar Len Yeah You Are +3Reply

Not Canadian either but I love Tim Hortons! There were several up in Maine when I visited Portland. I loved the atmosphere of the place. I wish there were more of them in the States.

Really, Canadians prefer Tim Hortons, "Canada's largest fast food service", to Starbucks, a coffee that nobody is really all that fond of. Who could have guessed?!? Be careful not to cut yourself on those sharp observations your making!!!

Qeezs avatar Qeez Yeah You Are +1Reply

Not Canadian but Starbucks coffee is crap.

VicZincs avatar VicZinc Yeah You Are 0Reply

I only go to this one Starbucks because the workers went to Comic Con and they all like Avenged Sevenfold, so we end up standing there talking about those.

ItsATraps avatar ItsATrap Yeah You Are 0Reply

Well Tim hortons does account for 56% of coffee sales, clearly they are doing something right!

Naggss avatar Naggs Yeah You Are 0Reply

Not Canadian (yet), but I live close enough to the border that we have Tim Hortons. It's way better than Dunkin Donuts, and way cheaper than Starbucks. I love Timmy Hoe's.

PhilboydStudges avatar PhilboydStudge Yeah You Are -1Reply
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