It sucks to lack seniority in the workplace and/or school even though you've earned your place to deserve it, amirite?

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The whole point is that the longer you've been doing something, the more you should know about it. This is called experience. Not to say a new person couldn't benefit a workplace with new, fresh ideas from time to time. If you're relatively new but have the same knowledge of those in the group who have seniority/experience, then you'll know much more when you've gained experience... if that makes any sense.

I quit my job at Papa John's aft because of this. I was trained on dough duty, ovens, make line, phones, boxes, and till within the first 2 weeks and they told me it usually took people up to 6 months. I stayed up to an hour and a half late some days, usually an hour most days and always showed up early. Cleaning the freezer wasn't even part of my job but I did it anyway when they asked me too. They said they were gonna make me a manager soon. Meanwhile, one girl had been working there for 2 years and was just now being trained on ovens and they cutting my hours so they could give her more. I started off with 20 a week and eventually ended up with 5- even though they told me the longer I'd been working there the more hours I would get.

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