It's interesting how on a day where 31 people died in an explosion in Iraq, more people care about how 3 people died in an explosion in Boston, amirite?

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It's not just the Americans who made a huge impact on the explosion in Boston; the whole world did. Twitter trends everywhere, it was on the news in every country, people were talking about it all over the internet and in real life and all around the world, whether in Africa or Europe or even the middle east. So it's pretty upsetting that this explosion left more of an impact than the one in Iraq who no one even knew about, and even if they did I bet they wouldn't have cared either. Rip to everyone who died no matter where, but huge explosions happen everywhere all the time, but if 3 people died from a minor explosion in the US suddenly it's the biggest deal ever and a terrorist attack.

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It's funny because the reason Iraq is a war zone is because America declared war on it for bullshit reasons.

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You definitely have a point about how people react to an event in their home rather than one somewhere else.

However, part of the issue is that when something like this happens in America, the whole world knows about it. But when something similar happens somewhere else, Americans don't return the favor by informing themselves.

I'd bet if you asked anyone outside of America to name some historic tragedies that have happened in the US, they could do it with no trouble but ask an American about historical events in another country and you'll probably have to give them a few minutes while they fidget around with their cell phone to Google an answer.

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Well said

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woah US is not a very peaceful society. Do you mean the country or the people within the country?

People care just as much about people dying in Iraq as much as they care about people dying in the explosion. People dying in Iraq has been happening far too long and it seems as though people don't care. But the explosion yesterday was so recent. You would have expected the same reaction to people dying in Iraq when it first began. People don't care any less about Iraq than they do from people dying in the explosion, people are just more aware of Iraq, and sad to say "expect" it. (when actually i don't agree with war whatsoever).

"Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying."

I didnt even know about those in iraq.

If it weren't for the fact that people die in Iraq all the time, I would agree. It's typically peaceful in the States so we're freaking out about it. If something like this happened in another equally peaceful area I'm sure it would be all over the news too.
I'm not saying the bombing in Boston is a more important story; I'm just saying that it was more unexpected so it gets more coverage.

Well that's because American lives are more important then other lives obvi...


Is it wrong for the American people to feel this way? No, I don't think so. Interesting? Definitely.

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There's such a huge difference, it's not even comparable. Of course any death of an innocent human being is sad, but when there is a huge gathering of people at an event that is supposed to be fun, and something so tragic and unexpected happens, it's terrifying. It panics America because this is their home and they're supposed to be safe here.