It sucks how feminism has a bad rep because of women who want better rights than men. The word that describes the want of equal rights between men and women shouldn't be looked down on as much as it is just because some misandristic women label themselves as feminists, amirite?

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Feminism failed to adapt to the changes that it created. The issues facing gender equality today are extremely different than those of the 1960's when feminism emerged. Media pressure and self contempt based on looks for example are felt by both males and females, but you don't see Dove sponsoring self esteem clinics for boys. Equality is a two way street, if you want men to stand up for women's rights, women have to stand up for men's rights.

@Stonecutter Feminism failed to adapt to the changes that it created. The issues facing gender equality today are extremely...

I agree with this, but sometimes the two sexes require different things. For example, a class giving men pointers on how to have a less painful childbirth isn't as necessary as giving the same class to pregnant women. Giving women a class about the signs of testicular cancer is much less vital than giving that class to men.

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That's what happens when you give your cause a label. The more you label yourself, the more criteria you give people to judge you by. If you don't care what people think about you, then great, but they're gonna do it.

Basically, you don't need feminism to advocate equality. Yes, it shouldn't be looked down on as much as it is, but it is what it is.

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Feminism gets a bad reputation for its fundamental ideological fallacies and the actions that are perpetrated and accepted by the feminist community as a whole.

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It is supposed to be equal. But just like all groups that get this equality favoritism , They expect they should get what hasn'tninja smilie been earned or warranted.

It also stems from men who don't want to give up their power, because it is never relinquished willing so they try to make the other side look outrage. Which is why we only see radical feminists in the media.
I could rant for hours about this! Sorry, haha...

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Why would someone want to involve themselves in a group that has people identifying themselves as a feminists - a movement that can be so easily misconstrued - and are complete misandrists? Why would an equality movement be called feminism? If you're truly for equality, today, you're most likely a regular person or an equalist/humanitarian. I would say in Modern America, inequality between the sexes is something that isn't really a problem anymore. There's no need for feminism. Just call yourself an equalist.

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